Sunday, September 13, 2009

Macross Ultimate Frontier will feature a replay function

Macross Ultimate Frontier
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
As the release date in Japan (October the 1st) approaches new details on Macross Ultimate Frontier are being revealed at a steady rate.

Besides the 40 character and the 100 playable robots (impressive numbers for sure for a portable game), there's one feature that will sound especially juicy to eyecandy lovers.

The game will feature a replay function, that will allow the player to save up to 14 replays of their missions and then review them with several playback functions like angle change, swapping focal point between the several mechas involved on te battlefield and so forth.

On top of that there will be also a screenshot function integrated in the replay viewer.

While replays are a common features in racing simulators, they are very rare in other games, and that's something I never really managed to understand. How many times have you thought "that was a great action, I'd love to be able to watch it again" while playing? Now, after the announcement about the absolutely astonishing machinima feature in Uncharted 2, even Macross Ultimate Frontier follows. Are we seeing the start of a new trend? I sure hope so, because replays and screenshots (I honestly can't believe that modern consoles don't have a built-in screenshot feature) really add value to any game, allowing the player to extend the gameplay even further, discovering details that he missed in the heat of the action, and enjoying the visuals more.

Unfortunately I doubt that Macross Ultimate Frontier will ever be released in the west. The licensing problems, thanks to Harmony Gold and company are too complex. It's most definitely a pity, because this is one of the most promising portable games of this year.

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