Thursday, September 17, 2009

New screenshots and details for Nier RepliCant

Nier RepliCant 03
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Square Enix confirmed that their upcoming action RPG Nier will be released in two different versions, Nier Gesthalt for the Xbox 360 and Nier RepliCant for the PS3. While we already knew some details about the 360 title, very little was known about the PS3 one and all the pictures released so far actually came from Gestalt.
Today, as reported by the Japanese portal GameWatch, the first screenshots for RepliCant (that you can see on the left and below) have been released alongside some details.

The story is similar to that of Gestalt, but the main character (also named Nier, we don't know if it's the same character) will have to save his little sister affected by an incurable illness named "Black Sentence Plague". As he will progress in his quest he will find out more about the nature of the world and about the reasons why the demons inhabiting it have began to succumb to madness.

Both Nier Gestalt and Nier RepliCant will be released in 2010, developed by studio Cavia (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, Bullet Witch, Drakengard, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex...) and both will be officially shown at Tokyo Game show, respectively at Microsoft's and Sony's booths.

As a final juicy detail, tomorrow (September the 18th) the first trailer for Nier RepliCant will be aired on the Square Enix channel on Youtube.

Nothing is known about the reasons behind the decision of releasing two exclusive titles instead of a multiplatform one. Maybe Square Enix doesn't want to incur on the same problems they are facing with Final Fantasy XIII, forced by contract to deliver two identical versions of the same game and not able to fully take advantage of the strengths of each console (like the additional space offered by PS3's Blu-ray). If that's the case, it might actually be a wise decision.
In the end a multiplatform title has to settle for the lowest common denominator in basically every aspect, while two different ones, even if they share the same characters and setting, can use the consoles' capabilities fully, without allowing direct comparisons that could cause diplomatic incidents with Microsoft or Sony. Each of them gets their game the best that it can be and everyone wins.

Nier RepliCant 04

Nier RepliCant 02

Nier RepliCant 01


  1. That's what i been saying if we going to spin our money we sould've our on copy not a hand me down version. I'm glad they got wise about it and want do it again.

  2. This is what I find the most interesting (from Kotaku):

    'Square Enix told us that the Famitsu advertisements - which advertise what looks like two separate Nier games - "do not affect the North American version".'

  3. so let me get this straight there's 2 versions of this game 1 version for ps3 & 1 version for 360.since both are exclusive dose this mean there will be some seriously heavy optimizing on both versions & be using different game engines based on each of the consoles hardware capabilities?

  4. We can only HOPE that that is the case :D Nothing is known for sure at this stage.

  5. I love how everyone is ignoring the fact that the girl in thses shots and the 360 ones is a Hermaphrodite, or for those less versed in the english language a woman with a penis. I honestly can't believe S-E would let that fly, for one futanari's as they are called in Japan are a very strange and niche fetish and also there are those of us who dont wish to know such details. Personally I will not be buying either version because of this as personally I find it to be quite gross.

  6. Personally I will not be buying either version because of this as personally I find it to be quite gross.

    And with that money buy some books to learn some stuff, dumbass. So, female being possesed by a male spirit = woman with a penis, eh?

  7. Please leave the discussion about penises and such out of this blog. I wouldn't want to have to use the moderating axe :D

    Let's talk about the game (or gameS), shall we? :D

  8. i am very much interested in nier replicant for the ps3 i like the this version because this nier is far younger looking and puts me in the mind of sora from kingdom hearts and raiden from metal gear solid also replicants story sounds far
    better and senseble i really hope replicant is released in the u.s because i am gamer and like to try new things and even though some have said they are not really interested in this game or liking it but you never know so if this version arrives in north america i'll sure enough buy it and play it.

  9. A female being possessed by a male - is NOT a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite is someone BORN with both parts. Anonymous get your info first, before making such a comment, otherwise your ignorance makes you look, well,... ignorant.

    And unless it's an ADULT game, there should be nothing futanari related in it. I don't even know why you brought that up, it has nothing to do with the game. Are you trying to make yourself seem smarter by using Japanese words and explaining them, even if it has no relation to the game?

    Personally, i think this game looks very cool so far. At least graphic-wise. And we all know how deep most of Square's games and characters are- so i'm very much forward to this game. =)

  10. Well dang, scrap that, seems i was a bit mal-informed. My apologies.

    Either way, i'm still looking forward to this game.