Monday, November 2, 2009

Lunar Harmony of Silver Star goes back to the past

Dyne in Lunar PSP
Picture uploaded by Abriael
We already knew that Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (slated for release in Japan on November the 12th) will have additional content compared to the original, and even to the old glorious "complete" edition. What we still didn't know is that as part of this new content, we will be able to play part of the events happened before the first game.

In an additional scenario, the player will be able to take part of the four heroes of the past, Dyne, Ghaleon (that will become the game's main villain), Lemia (Mia's mother) and Mel (Jessica's father), in their quest to free the goddess Althena from the clutches of the evil Aiferun.

This will give us a new insight on the events that led to the beginning of Lunar's storyline, and for the first time will let you catch a glimpse of the first Dragonmaster, Dyne, that remained more or less a misterious figure on the previous iterations of the game.

You can see screenshots and pieces of artwork of this new "old" scenario on the Japanese portal

In addition to that, looks like that this remake will bring back the "bromides" (basically some fanservice shots of the game's heroines you can see the old ones of the Playstation version here). More than 10 will be available, even if it's unknown if there will be new ones or they'll just be the same that were available in the playstation version of the game.

The previous remakes of the game after "Complete", have always been characterized by a low level of polish and an astonishingly small number of additions and improvements. This "Harmony of Silver Star" definitely looks different. GungHo has seems to have added a lot to this fantastic classic game. That's definitely good. The new generations deserve to experience the Lunar saga (that's probably still the best JRPG saga ever created) in it's best shape.