Thursday, November 19, 2009

A new character appears in Valkyria Chronicles 2. New Videos

Forster Clementia
Picture uploaded by Abriael
Today's Valkyria Chronicles 2 update isn't as big as the previous ones, but at least we get sone information on a new character: Forster Clementia (that is featured in a new video).

Forster is a scientist that lives in a small castle connected to the academy via a drawbridge, and often appears on the premises of the school. She has made a name for herself in the study of artificial valkyrie, and seems to know a lot about the valkyrie race in general. She also seems to have a deep connection with the empire.

The mysterious scientist that also happens to be a sexy lady was, indeed, another anime stereotype that Valkyria 2 was missing.

The rest of the update is another video about Aban feasturing a runin with Juliana Eberhart, and a gameplay video showing how battlefield orders will work, that will be very familiar to the ones that already played Valkyria Chronicles.


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  2. This game is awesome! My friend got me into this awhile ago.

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