Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yakuza 4 ships 500,000 copies in a week. Series breaks 4 million

Yakuza 4 ships 500000
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While in the west Sega has been busy maiming Yakuza 3, the series is breaking sales records in Japan. Sega just announced that during it's first week of sales more than 500,000 copies of Ryu ga Gotoku 4 (Yakuza 4) have been shipped. In just seven days the game outsold Yakuza 3 that, according to Weekly Famitsu sold a gand total of 499,436 copies before the end of December. Looks like the popularity of the series is on a solid climbing trend.
On top of this, the announcement mentions that the series (including all four games) has sold more than four million copies worldwide.

We still don't have rock solid sales data about Yakuza 3 in the west, but this should be enough proof, for Sega, that the series' potential is worth quite a lot more than the meager budget used for the launch of it's western editions. Given a proper promotion and a decent localization (without cuts), it's quite safe to assume that a solid title like Yakuza 4 could sell very well even in the west, finally awarding Kazuma Kiryu and his companions the wolrdwide popularity that they deserve.
Of course this means that Sega West should actually put an effort into it, instead of dooming themselves to failure with questionable marketing and non-existant promotion. Maybe they should give a good look to what their Japanese colleagues do, and start putting some of their marketing budget where true talent is, instead of wasting it all on promoting mediocre games like Alien vs Predator.



  1. Great sales for the franchise but you're right, if Sega keep cutting 40% of the content out of the western editions then they can only expect it to sell poorly outside of Japan. Nobody's going to pay £45 for half a game.

  2. Yeah, SEGA America can only fault themselves in this respect. You think fans want the PG-13 version of your R-rated gangster epic? Those piddly sales have nothing to do with the series simply not resonating here, it's the fanbase speaking out that they don't enjoy supporting a half-assed localization of a series they've enjoyed. I import each and every Ryu ga Gotoku game (I have all 5 which includes Kenzan!) and even the North American releases. That said, my North American purchases are simply to send a message that we want these games. I don't enjoy the cuts and the thought that cultural references would be lost on some of us is rather insulting. Give us a break SEGA, we're far more savy than you give us credit for.

  3. released at wrong time, will see good sales though,. i smell sweet sweet sucsess for sega at the moment. come on alpha protocol..... have you seen this game>>? it whoops everything out there, and due to be out there in its release window of end of 25th may.

    same day as blur. ufc2010. im personally getting modnation racers..and ufc. on the same day. and giving blur a miss. played beta on xbox, and it runs smooth, but feels old. very, very old. older than wipeout lol. modnation feel sfresh like youve never layed it. and has all the same power ups. and more powerups....its ridicolous. its everything youve ever wanted your whole gaming life.

    how about other people>?

  4. Preorders of Yakuza 4 should include DLC for Yakuza 3! Reward the loyal fans! :D